How to save files for wii

After downloading a save, you'll either get a plain old or a zipped file. If you have a, you have to place it in a folder structure on your SD card. Through a SD card -Play the game first and get a save file from playing it -Put your SD in the Wii and copy that save file -Take the downloaded save file and. Description: Installation: Extract the zip file on your SD card (found in the computer). It must respect the path [Wii] Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Save Game.

If you are interested, take a deeper look to our suggested WII Game Save files. Each of them has unique features, so that everyone could fulfill personal needs. This how-to only transfers save files. You will still need the game in order to play it. If the game has never been played on the target Wii, you must load the game. Copying Game Saves from the Wii to Your Computer. WiiTransfer That self- contained file holds all of the game save data for that game.

If I purchase a Wii game on my Wii U, such as Skyward Sword or Mario Galaxy 2, and I have a pre-existing save file for the game on my Wii U. Only one save file is allowed per game, so moving a save file is only possible if there is no existing save data for the game already on the Wii Console, or if the. The reason is because people can cheat, by importing a save file from . There is some Wii-unique data stored in every save file, however this.