Race to the moon minecraft

Nasa and Russia battled it out to go to the moon 30 years ago but who says you cant battle it out to go to the moon with your friends. with this. Welcome to the Race to the Moon wiki. In this series three teams try to get to the moon first to win the golden prize. Who will win? Meet the Teams!!! Who do YOU . Meet the teams!!! Who do YOU think will win? Click on a picture below to visit their page.

Race to the Moon: The Modpack! Version created by CatBirdINC on Minecraft Version Overview Updates 0 Changelog Discuss 9. iBallisticSquidVerified account. @iBallisticSquid. This is the twitter account for iBallisticSquid. My Channel Has 4 Million Subs & 2 Billion Views:) Business. View, comment, download and edit race to the moon Minecraft skins.