Mapi32.dll outlook 2010

I was running Outlook and installed the trial version of Office which included Outlook I have since uninstalled it but it seemed. If you renamed mapidll, then rename msmapidll and then check if the issue If that does not help then manually remove Outlook alone following the. “Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. MAPIDLL is corrupt or the after you uninstall Outlook or Outlook and install Outlook

Outlook will not start mapidll error. All Your Greetings (Dwight). by All Your Greetings (Dwight) ∙ Aug 15th, at pm. Hi All: My Office nor A troubleshooting guide for mapidll missing and similar errors. newer version of Outlook but then you reinstall Outlook or while keeping v Fix: Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. MAPIDLL is corrupt or the Post How to: Manually limit and restrict Exhcange logs size.

MAPIDll is corrupt or the wrong version. Please reinstall Outlook' on Windows The software can also fix MAPI error of Outlook , Outlook , Outlook. To email MLS reports through a bit version of Office Outlook (which is . In Windows\System\32 {or Windows\System}, rename the Mapidll file (for. I am trying to use Outlook Clicking to start it results in error msg "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. MAPIDLL is corrupt or wrong version. 6- Finally when file is renamed, run the command to create a new instance of the mapidll 7- Open Outlook and then run SFO 8- Try to reproduce .