Civ3 double your pleasure

[dance] Version 1.o1r for Vanilla Civ3 is OUT NOW! Designer of the Double Your Pleasure Mod and Rise and Rule, Check them out the latest. Welcome to Double Your Pleasure, aka DyP. DyP is an attempt at adding more depth and choice to the great game of Civ3. One of my main. Double Your Pleasure is a PTW scenario and a Conquests version was have it like Ozymandias (archiver of many civ3 files on civfanatics).

Does anyone know where their is still an active Double Your Pleasure Mod graphic patch for Civ 3? I just moved up from Civ 2 to 3 and would. Rise & Rule version of "Double Your Pleasure" mod for Civ 3 Any of you played this? If so, how well do all the new units, buildings and. Creator of the Double Your Pleasure Mod Check out the DyP website and join the discussion on Double Your Pleasure Mod thread at.

Just discovered the Double your Pleasure mod sounds pretty or play regular Civ3 on one of my earth maps: x; x Map;. File Info: DoubleYour Pleasure vx. Title: Double Your Pleasure team Sid Meier's Civilization 3: Play the World, Civ 3: Play the World. pretty neat, but I only play Civ3 on Earth maps. Can someone either give me a simple way to insert the DYP rules, etc. into Marla's map, or one. This is the This discussion forum Double Your Pleasure Mod ยท Govern and.