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Welcome to Chit Chat English's YouTube Channel. Learn today's most popular idioms, slang, phrases, and words! Download Chit Chat English today and follow . chit-chat definition: informal conversation about matters that are not important. Learn more. Photos and information give a window on life in English-speaking cultures. Regular reviews and tests. Chit Chat can be used with children starting to learn.

Chit-Chat English. You might feel discouraged about your English fluency, but you are NOT a beginner. Are you looking for a way to improve. Want to learn English? Learn via Skype or face-to-face. Learning English has never been so easy. English vocabulary translation Chit chat - Online personalized daily English lessons for all levels. Free test.

Chit Chat English is a mobile app for anyone who would like to improve his or her English speaking and listening skills. Learn popular English. Chit-chat definition: Chit-chat is informal talk about things that are not very important. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Definition of chit-chat - inconsequential conversation. Chitchat definition is - small talk, gossip. How to use See the full definition for chitchat in the English Language Learners Dictionary. chitchat.